About US

AFI supplies innovative chefs, caterers and home cooks with uniquely Australian wild food ingredients to make appealing menus and great dishes easy. Recipes, menu ideas and high quality ingredients are all to be found on this site.

We also focus on the health-giving properties of Australian wild foods and can help you look younger, feel better and age more slowly with LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™. We also have other support products based on traditional Aboriginal bush medicines.

And to address food safety, food waste reduction and product shelf life extension AFI has Herbal-Active® and Fresher4Longer Natural Food Rinse™ as natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals. We supply a wide range of companies and consumers who use our natural antimicrobial in food products and as functional flavours, in non-sugar sweeteners, for sanitizing ingredients, produce and packaging, for shelf life enhancement in skin care and cosmetic products, pet care products and on and on.

So who is Vic Cherikoff besides the MD of Australian Functional Ingredients?
Allow me to introduce myself: I have been credited with being a pioneer of the Australian wild food industry and have been promoting and marketing wild foods since the early 1980s and have been discovering, eating and testing foraged foods since my high school years back in the 1970s.

Cherikoff spices, herbs, fruits, seeds, nuts and other flavours and recipes made using them are defining Australian cuisine. They are the ingredients and recipes which influence our food styles, make our restaurant menus unique and make our chefs’ signature dishes distinctively and unmistakably Australian.

More innovative manufacturers are also embracing my ingredients in seasonings, breakfast cereals and bars, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and some of the functional ingredients eg Herbal-Active® are spreading around the world also in a wide range of products.

But where did it all begin?
It may have historically been traditional Aboriginal bush tucker or bushfood but in these modern times the ingredients selected as commercial have morphed into the quintessential elements of an Australian cuisine. Cherikoff Rare Spices and the authentic Australian ingredients in which we specialize, leads the market in our quality, range, volumes and innovation of ingredients and professionalism of service.Enter your text here...